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Warranty And Services
Warranty And Services


" We endeavour to ensure that all products sold by us give the best utility and services to our esteemed customers."

1.       Preamble:

    1.1.  Warranty means "an assurance that the product or service we provide will/shall meet the specifications for which it has been designed to use."

  Warranty shall always be constructed as "Warranty" and will not confirm, read or be understood as "Guarantee."

  STELLAR shall provide warranty on specific products which will defined/mentioned in invoice issued against the sell/purchase of the product.


         2.       Warranty Limitations:


    2.1.  In case product is put to "commercial use" the warranty will stand reduced to 90 days only. The use definition criteria to decide the sesame as shall remain as the exclusive right to STELLAR.


    2.2.  Glass product/parts/extensions shall not be covered under the "Warranty clause."

  Fabric/leather/PO/PVC/material/Woven and non woven/cushion filling/springs belts shall not be covered under "warranty clause."

  Paint/polish wearing off due to ageing/exposure to hard sunlight/rain /water/and other temperature variations not confirming to actual use/design of the product shall again not be covered "under warranty."


        3.       STELLAR's Obligations:

    3.1.  In all classes with the best of our intentions STELLAR will try its best to cater to all the     needs of the costumer during the warranty period as will also extend all the efforts to do  the same after warranty period as well.

  Services /spares will be provided free of charge during warranty period and shall be on a chargeable basis after that of warranty period.


         4.       Replacement Policy:

    4.1.  Replacement of parts would be purely the decision of STELLAR. 


   4.2.  In case the entire product needs to be replaced with the same model and if such model have been discontinued, it shall be replaced with the model of the equivalent price to the product in question on the line's of purchase.


        5.       Office Furniture:

    5.1.  "1" one year from the date of purchase which is the derivative of the date of invoice. Except stackable chairs where the warranty shall be for 6 months.

    Warranty is the cover for any manufacturing defect only.


P.S: For further details: Refer to the policy which is available on request from the concentrated personnel you are dealing with or refer to the overleaf sheet of the "Sales order" or "invoice" for specific details on the sold product under that document.